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2011 - The Albinism: a livable diversity - 2nd National Conference

Aboubakary Sakho
National President of the Association of Senegalese Albinos (ANPRAS)
Interpreter: Silvio Fasser

Sakho illustrated the problems of albinos in his country, the targets of his association and how we could help them from Italy.
During the conference sunscreen, sunglasses and hats were delivered to Sakho who brought and distributed them to needy albino children in Senegal.
The collection has been made by the initiative of Mr. Seck Souleymane, who works in Italy, in collaboration with the Caritas volunteers of the parish of Longiano (FC).
In the near future we will promote such initiatives to help our African brothers. We will keep you updated.
Mr. Seck also translated into Italian the information material of the association which can be downloaded in this page.

Download the information materials of the association in PDF format

Download the MP3 of the audio information materials of the association

Video Realizzato da Simona Cimino. La comunità ringrazia.

Photos material delivery

  • 20110709001_Consegna prodotti.jpg
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