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2009 - Clear by nature - 1st National Conference

The ALBINIT association, past, present and future
Elisa Tronconi - Marzio Ghezzi

The aim of the intervention was twofold, first, to highlight the serenity that comes from belonging to a group of people ready to support one another and also to reflect upon the wonderful atmosphere of the November 2008 meeting and the subsequent online discussions between members and non-members, all with the aim to encourage the establishment of local groups to contact/welcome/exchange.
ALBINIT was born about a year ago to provide information and support to people affected by albinism, their families and professionals who work with them.
The day-to-day activity is developed in a completely unstructured way, but with the help of an online site, we want to promote public acceptance and understanding of the albinism and its implications.
Our desire is to stimulate an ongoing constructive dialogue that could/should lead to wider opportunities for everyone involved, to regain possession of lucidity, dignity and the autonomy needed to maintain a balance key to facing the changing financial and specific psychological and physical conditions.

Vice President's speech (Dott. Ing. Marzio Ghezzi)


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