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Convegni ed eventi, sin da subito e con estrema naturalezza si sono trasformati in momenti d'incontro e condivisione, permettendoci di fare nuove conoscenze e di saldare quelle preesisteni. Quella che tanto amiamo definire la "nostra comunitÓ" Ŕ a tutti gli effetti concreta e reale e di volta in volta si espande, muta e cresce.

Villanovaforru, 8 - 10 May 2009

The first national meeting of albinos and their families was held in Sardinia from May 8th-10th 2010 with attendees being doctors, supervisors and people simply interested in the topic.
The town of Villanovaforru was the stage for the event which gave those who stayed at a nearby hotel the opportunity to witness the beauty of the region of Medio Campidano with its tastes, local products and cultural and touristic highlights [Continue ...]

Roma, 8 - 10 July 2011

On the 9th and 10th of last July, we held in Rome the second national conference followed by a meeting, as we did with the first one held in Sardinia.
We picked a special place this time: the Shrine of Our Lady of Divine Love, on the beautiful and full of history Ardeatina Street, outside of the urban chaos of the metropolis. Very dear to the Romans, the Sanctuary offers not only a special space for thinking and spiritual contemplation, but also the opportunity to relax surrounded by trees and quiet.
The arrival was the Termini station, on a Friday's afternoon. There we found the coach of the Tarallo Tour company waiting for us [Continue ...]

Roma, 6 - 7 July 2012

In order to relate this event, we publish the following impressions about Nausicaa Carello and Lucia Ciuffi to which we have been asked to write an article for the blog [Continue ...]

Caltanissetta, 24 - 28 aprile 2013

In order to relate this last event, we publish the following impressions about Luigia Vivenzio and Felicita Luongo to which we have been asked to write an article for the blog. [Continua ...]

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