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Interview with Dr. Lucia Mauri contractor at
the Simple Structure of Medical Genetics, Niguarda Cà Granda Hospital in Milan.

"Rare and worthy of attention" is the title of the information brochure albinism,
that the Dr. M. C. Patrosso and E. Piozzi realized in collaboration with the staff of To download click on the picture and spread.

Rare and worthy of attention - informative brochure albinism

On July 7, 2012 in Rome, on the occasion of the 3rd national event entitled"
Albinism yesterday and today. Professionals, albinos and their families in comparison"
was presented the book entitled:

Albinism: a diversity livable
Knowing helps to understand
Share helps to grow

Libro, Chiari per natura

published by Galassia Arte con codice ISBN 978-88-97695-83-7.

This publishing project, founded on the idea of staff who has strongly backed.

Contributors to the drafts of the text, in addition to the staff, the people of:
Giancarlo Loddo
Dr. Laura Bonanni
Isabella Macchiarulo

the following professionals:
Dr. Muna Al Oum
Dr. Donata Calò
Dr. Alessandra Del Longo
Dr. Lucia Mauri
Dr. Maria Cristina Patrosso
Dr. Elena Piozzi
Dr. Adriano Egidio Radaelli
On. Amalia Schirru
Dr. Emanuela Tedeschi

We also thank:
the artist Ugo Angelini, free of charge for making the cover; the journalist Simone Fanti, for writing the book presentation; Vincenzo Giarratana, Fabio and Silvana Franti, Andreza Cavalli, but also those who wished to remain anonymous, for allowing us to publish their life story in relation to Albinism.

The book can be ordered from the catalog Feltrinelli or purchased online. We suggest the latter, because it will allow you to reduce waiting times and to get a small discount on the cover price.
In case of difficulty, contact the staff.

In section Low Vision Centers were included new content, treated by a psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Simona Certo and by orthoptist Dr. Silvia Christian Mancosu. The following questions which respond:

   » What is a center of low vision and those who work there?

   » What is the visual rehabilitation?

   » What are the purposes, of Low Vision Centers?

A diagnostic multidisciplinary program is now running at Niguarda Ca' Granda Hospital in Milan.

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