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Various events

In this section you can find documents and reports of meetings, conferences or events, of national or international character, dedicated to Albinism or issues related to it, to which the staff members of or representatives of our community attended.


On October 27th and 28th, “First European days of albinism” the first European conference ever dedicated to albinism was held in Paris (France). Italy was represented by Albinit and they have had the great opportunity to present themselves, drawing an outline of albinism in Italy and illustrating current projects and initiatives. Giancarlo Loddo (from, in particular, proposed an interesting video, showing the important contributions of his free and independent community. Albinit, on the other hand, projected a short PowerPoint proving, more than any other word, the potential and limitations of still a young and structuring association. [... Read the report by Francesco Dentici - pdf 2,85 MB]

The presentation of the site and the topic discussed by the staff, have been translated into English by Laura Fucci and read by Cristina Federica Sarcinella [au dio recording: New Red Studio by Ciappy Deejay - Fasano (BR) - IT]

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