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2011 - The Albinism: a livable diversity - 2nd National Conference
Presentation of the conference, work done by the website and future projects
Giancarlo Loddo
Employee at INAIL, author of this website, promoter and organizer of the event
The U.I.C.I. Patronages and the Association: how can they help albinos and their families?
Attorney Giuseppe Terranova
Vice President of National Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired - Onlus
Mission and project of I.A.P.B.
Dr. Michele Corcio
Vice President International Agency for Prevention of Blindness - Italian Section Onlus
The resilience: a healthy challenge for the whole family system

Dr. Laura Bonanni
Clinical Psychologist, specialist in Psychotherapy towards Analytical transactional. Besides her professional activity, she is involved in attitudinal selection at the C.S.R.N.E. (National Centre of Army Selection and Recruitment) of Foligno, she also collaborates with this site, promoter and organizer of this event
Visual Impairment: from social distress to lifestyle, going through the classroom
Isabella Macchiarulo
Teacher and professional educator. Executive secretary at a telecommunications company. Collaborates with this site, promoter and organizer of this event
Visual Impairment and Italian legislation: from school integration to work integration
Honorable Amalia Schirru
Degree in Education. She always dealt with social and labor policies. Deputy and member of the Committee of Public and Private Labour and Childhood and Adolescence bicameral
Visual Impairment: the software applications and the web, usability issues and implications
Massimiliano Martines
Employee at the ENI Group Company, member of the National Observatory of Web Sites (OSI) of the U.I.C.I. and member of the editorial staff of the, an online magazine that publishes articles about information technology and the assistive tools for the visually impaired and blind
Improving the potential of visually impaired people: our experience
Psychological Aspects
Dr. Stefania Fortini
Psychologist-Psychotherapist, Transactional Analyst, she has worked in training, preventive and rehabilitative field. She works from 2008 at the National Centre of Services and Research for the Prevention of Blindness and Visual Rehabilitation at the Hospital A. Gemelli in Rome, she's engaged in psychological support and rehabilitation treatment
  Rehabilitation Aspect
Dr. Paola Piscopo
Orthoptic specialist and ophthalmology assistant. She works from 2008 at the National Centre of Services and Research for the Prevention of Blindness and Visual Rehabilitation at the Hospital A. Gemelli in Rome
Genes involved in oculocutaneous and ocular albinism: their role, molecular analysis and diagnostic relapses
Dr. Lucia Mauri
Degree in Applied Biology on Biomedical Research and in Medical Biotechnology, she is interested in the differential diagnosis of ocular albinism and oculocutaneous albinism. She's been working since 2009 at the Laboratory of Medical Genetics, Department of Laboratory Medicine, at the Hospital Niguarda Ca' Granda in Milan
10  The albino phenotype in syndromes: from the gene to the clinic
Dr. Maria Cristina Patrosso
Specialist in Medical Genetics. Up to 2010 she was the biologist line manager responsible for the Laboratory of Chemical-Clinical Analysis and Clinical Pathology, Medical Genetics at the Hospital Niguarda Ca' Granda in Milan
11  Another view: how do albinos see? A possible simulation
Dr. Francesco Dentici
Graduated in Education Sciences. He has experiences as a professional educator in associations and social cooperatives. Passionate about photography, photo editing and writing


Moderator: Dr. Maria Giovanna Faiella


Prof. Giancarlo Abba
Scientific Director of the Institute for the Blinds in Milan
He has reported on the mission and activities conducted by the Institute
Dr. Francesco Dentici
Vice President of the ALBINIT Association
He has reported on the mission and activities carried out by the ALBINIT Association
Marianna Galiotto
Mother of an albino teenager
She made an informative speech
Simona Cimino
An albino girl
She asked a question about tattoos
Alberto Di Stefano
His profession deals with labour policy, so he expressed willingness and commitment to identify new work positions for albinos to be included in a bill to be presented in Parliament
Massimiliano Martines
Albino, member of the National Observatory of Web Sites of the U.I.C.I.
He provided some details regarding the commitment of the association in terms of new jobs suitable for the visually impaired and the difficulties inherent in the use of assistive software
Emanuele Regalini
He expressed his view on the possibilities for albinos to perform any profession as long as this does not lead to prolonged exposure to sunlight
Hon. Amalia Schirru
Deputy of the Italian Republic
She answered the questions raised by those who lead the debate
Dott.ssa Maria Giovanna Faiella
Giornalista e moderatrice del dibattito
E' intervenuta per fare alcune sue considerazioni personali sugli argomenti affrontati
10  Lucia Pellegrini
Mother of an albino teenager
She told us her experience as a parent
11  Aboubakary Sakho
National President of the Association of Senegalese Albinos (ANPRAS)
Interpreter: Silvio Fasser

He illustrated the problems of albinos in his country, the goals that his association wants to realize and how we can help them from Italy.
On this page you can view the photos related to the delivery of sunscreen, sunglasses and hats that have been brought into Senegal from Sakho and distributed to needy albino children.
The collection of those items has been made on the initiative of Mr. Souleymane Seck, who works in Italy, in collaboration with the Caritas volunteers of the Parish of Longiano (FC).
It's also possible to view the association's information material translated into Italian and learn about our initiatives to help our fellow Africans Brothers.
12  Vincenzo Giarratana
He shared with us his life experience of being an albino with a healthy dose of irony
13  Federica Iamonico
She shared with us her life experience of being an albino
14  Luigi Bozzon
Parent of an albino child
He expressed some considerations and suggestions concerning the professions that would be requested by the market and the savings for the public finances that could be achieved through the direct purchase of lenses, which at the present moment is not allowed by law
15  Giovanni La Spisa
He told us his experience as a visual impaired man involved in a diving course
16  Claudio Sacchetti
He recounted his experience in relation to his participation in a play with the blinds

Video Projection

Daniela Vellucci
She brought her greetings and recounted her experience of life as a dancer at a competitive level
Edward Thomas
National President of the AFA (Albinism Fellowship of Australia)
He brought his and his fellow australian albinos greetings
Anubhav Gupta
Jeevan President (Art and Media for the social and environmental renewal) Delhi - India
Anubhav Gupta has sent us a video that contains his message and four additional messages by our albino brothers in India.

Vedi le foto del convegno

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