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2011 - The Albinism: a livable diversity - 2nd National Conference

Visual Impairment: from social distress to lifestyle, going through the classroom
Isabella Macchiarulo

Oculocutaneous albinism has accompanied me for almost 36 years, it has had and continues to play a major role and influence in my life. This role however has changed over time and also changed my awareness about its importance and influence.
Until the age of six the only problem that I understood to have, was not to be able to play with others kids because I could not expose myself to the sunlight, but... I now know much more was at stake.
From the age of six I realized that my view was totally different than the others but... I now know much more was at stake.
At school I realized that the others kids labelled me as different from them, but... I now know much more was at stake.
I tried in every way to change this diversity: at first by opposing it, then denying it, then resigning it, then understanding it and finally accepting it.
Now I'm proud and I feel sorry for anyone who may wish to be like the others, normal like the others, because albino or otherwise, is still far from self-awareness.
This process of growth and change that can transform a discomfort in your lifestyle, can not and should not always be left up to the fate. You can not live in the hope that things will settle down by themselves, because stumbling in life happens often for us all and before you acquire the tools available to overcome them before we can a psychological and social balance.
Throughout this process, the school and not only the family can and must become aware of its role as a protagonist with no escape from its educational and integrative role.

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