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2009 - Clear by nature - 1st National Conference
Biology of pigmentation: from the colour of the skin to the development of the visual system
Doctor Maria Vittoria Schiaffino
Graduated in Medicine, M.D. Ph.D.
From the year 2000 Dr. Schiaffino has been the Chief of the Research Unit at S. Raffaele hospital in Milan.
She conducted her research at Baylor College of Medicine of Houston, Texas, at the University of Padova and at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine in Milan.
In 1993 she began her work on ocular albinism type 1 and in 1995 she, together with Doctor M.T. Bassi and under the supervision of Doctor A. Ballabio, isolated the gene responsible for causing it.
Since then her scientific research has focused on pathology, especially the study of molecular and cellular pathogenesis of ocular albinism, as documented in many international magazines.
She received funds for her studies from Telethon Foundation in Italy and from the National Eye Institute-National Institutes of Health and from the Vision of Children-San Diego Foundation in the U.S.
Clinical Aspects of Albinism
Doctor Loredana Boccone
Specialist in Paediatrics and Medical Genetics. She is responsible for the Operative Unit “Day Hospital and Clinical Genetics Department and Rare Diseases” at the Paediatric University in Cagliari.
She is also the national responsible for the Board of Scientific Society SIMG and PeD (Italian Society of Genetical Paediatric Diseases and Congenital Disabilities).
Ocular Implications in Albinism
Doctor Manuela Gherardini
Manager of the Eye Clinic at the University Hospital in Cagliari.
Doctor Ignazio Zucca
Researcher At the University Eye Clinic in Cagliari.
Hypopigmentation of the Skin: Dermatologist and Albinism
Doctor Monica Pau
Specialist in Dermatology and Venereology, she has been responsible for the Dermatologic Clinic in Cagliari since 1995. She also teaches at the School of Specialization in Dermatology and Venereology.
The experience of the limit as capacity of growth
Doctor Laura Bonanni
Psychologist specialized in Psychotherapy Analytical-Transitional. She is a freelance specialist and takes care of the Attitudinal Selection at the C.S.R.N.E. (Army's Recruitment and Selection Centre) in Foligno and is a collaborator of this website.
The ALBINIT association, past, present and future
Dott. Ing. Elisa Tronconi
Born in Pavia in 1973, she is an albino and a bioengineer who works in the digital radiology field and for the Italian health department. She is the president of the ALBINIT association, established in May 2008.
Web Accessibility and Technology Integration
Gianluigi Mascia
Informatics Expert, software developer and informatics teacher at the ISNETW school in Cagliari.
Information Technology and Communication (ITC) and visual impairment
Paolo Mura
Coordinator of the “Production's Services of Braille Didactic Material”, educator and Professor of Informatics at the “Institute for the Blind” in Cagliari.
Legislative Defences and social welfare benefits
Giancarlo Loddo
Author of the website, organizer and promoter of this event.
10  Persecution of African albinos (live from video)
Matteo Fraschini Koffi
Freelance journalist, he writes, photographs and broadcasts radio reports from Africa and contributes to many Italian newspapers. He's the author of the book “19 days of Lomé”, published by “Edizioni il Circo Calante”.

Other presences

11  Report on the Diagnosis Centre at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan
Doctor Lucia Mauri
She works at the Laboratory of Medical Genetics, Clinic of Biochemistry and Pathology at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan directed by Doctor Patrosso.
12  Presentation of the study about the evaluation of the characteristic of nystagmus in albino patients
Doctor Francesca De Rossi
Optometrist, she works at the National Centre of Blindness Prevention and Visual Rehabilitation of the Visually Impaired at the Policlinico Agostino Gemelli in Rome.

View the pictures of the conference

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