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2009 - Clear by nature - 1st National Conference

Information Technology and Communication (ITC) and Visual Impairment
Paolo Mura

ICT (Information Communication and Technologies) is a set of technologies that enable the processing and exchange of information in a digital format.
Computer systems, and also now almost all telecommunications systems, encode information in a numerical format available through digital electronic devices, the most important of which is the personal computer.
The use of computer systems by people with disabilities can sometimes cause problems of adaptation to the devices, like the graphical operating system or certain applications.
For visual impaired people an appropriate size monitor should be sufficient for the physical and sensorial needs, and also a number of utility tools should be included in the operating system.
In relation with above, the possibilities offered by the major operating systems to the worldwide spread: Microsoft Windows, Leopard Os-X from Apple and Linux Ubuntu will be analyzed. We will also discuss the main assisting softwares needed in a computer station used by a visually impaired person.

Download the report in PDF

Paolo Mura


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