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2009 - Clear by nature - 1st National Conference

Persecutions of African albinos
Matteo Fraschini Koffi

Journalist Matteo Fraschini sent us a few lines from Kenya on what his experience has been in regards to the realities of albinism in Africa. He's very sorry he could not be with us today to share and discuss a topic that he's very fond of it. Matteo described with clarity, sincerity, passion and professional expertise, an horrific reality, without omitting the hardest parts, but also giving a voice to hope and the the possibilities of change that are already visible. It seemed particularly significant for us to report a part of his message which was read in its entirety during this conference by Dr. Piero Porru, a citizen of Villanovafranca and rector of the National Boarding School of Cagliari. We will also hear directly from Matteo, thanks to a telephone line, which will make us even closer, no more than we already are!

"What happens in some areas of Africa when it comes to albinism really shocked me so it is important to clarify: a human being affected by albinism is not a ghost, they do not disappear with the wind, they do not dissolve in water, they do not melt in the rain, they do not darken with the sun and do not die fading, they do not cure AIDS, they do not have magical powers, they do not fly, they are not the devil's son and they are not necessarily rich, and their physical condition is not contagious...
I still remember today the history of Africa's albinos as the most challenging and interesting part of my early career as a journalist. The articles and reports can be found on my website:"

Download the report in PDF

Lectured by Dr. Piero Porru

1st Part
2nd Part
3rd Part


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