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2011 - The Albinism: a livable diversity - 2nd National Conference

Presentation of the conference, work done by the website and future plans
Giancarlo Loddo

It's been a few years since the opening of the website (an idea born to give a direct and concrete support to albinos and their families) and it's now time to take a look at the work done so far and discuss plans for the near future.
To plan our future as a community, in addition to my suggestions and the propositions of those who collaborate more closely in managing the website, we requested all participants to make their suggestions. This happened during the round table that was held in the afternoon when we dedicated ample space to freely express new ideas, opinions and considerations.
The hope is that the exposure of what we have done so far will work as a stimulus for the audience, that with good will, a little time to devote to others and some small sacrifice (financially speaking too) you can share good and correct informations and provide some modest service free of charge, this is what people appreciate and what they need.

Download the report in PDF format

Download slides in PDF format

Download the MP3 of the audio report



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