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2011 - The Albinism: a livable diversity - 2nd National Conference

Another view: how do albinos see?
A possible simulation

Dr. Francesco Dentici

Each of us, turning his eyes to a multi colours, multi shapes, multi prospective reality, see and learn lookout at the world through different and always new eyes and gives to the life an experience that is not only a subjective experience but is the result of an enriching and fascinating testimony
And the basis of this finding that seems abstract but in reality is the result of a continued work on himself, has inspired the speaker to provide a possible model example of how a person with albinism sees. This is a partial simulation and certainly not representative of all cases, but in his opinion useful to facilitate the access to a parallel universe (visual impairment), not always easy to explain and condense into a few simple words.
The goal set by the speaker is to help the parent to overcome legitimate but often unjustified fears, in the firm belief that only through the strength of sharing we cantering the the frontiers of solitude down and soar to new heights of confidence and self-esteem to learn to dream.

Download the report in PDF format

Download slides in PDF format

Download the Video of the simulation
(File ZIP format)

Download the MP3 of the audio report

The video is not present due to the express will of the speaker
Dott. Francesco Dentici
Dott. Francesco Dentici


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