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Dr. Laura Bonanni's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Laura Bonanni was born on October 3rd 1963 and got a degree in psychology from the University “La Sapienza” in Rome in 1988. She specialized in psychotherapy (analytically transactional oriented) at the IFREP of Rome (Research and Training Institute for Educators and Therapists) in 1992 (the director was Professor Pio Scilligo, professor at “Pontificia Università Salesiana” and “La Sapienza”). She entered the Professional Psychologists Register in the province of Lazio in 1993, completed two years of supervised teaching in 1994 (at IFREP), taking part in training seminars for psychotherapists, organized and directed by Dr. Michele Novellino (Psychiatrist-Psychotherapist, teacher of Transactional Analyst). She has worked as a psychotherapist in Rome since 1993 and has worked at the Attitudinal Selection at the C.S.R.N.E. (Army's Recruitment and Selection Centre) in Foligno since 1999. She has worked with the Jesuit Fathers for several years, in the team of animators in the centre-south of Italy and in primary prevention activities with adolescents. She contributes to various journals, including the online magazine of Psychology and Psychotherapy of the CISP (Italian Centre of Psychology Development). She has participated in various national and international conference of the SIAT (Italian Society of Transactional Analysis) and is the author of the book: “DESIDERIO DI EQUILIBRIO”, published by Pardes Publishing of Bologna.

Laura Bonanni

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